Our Federation

Discover how our organization, the Co-Operative Carob Marketing Federation, a proud member of the Mondial Carob Group, works with local farmers to supply the world with amazing and unique products.

our goal

Provide you with quality and assist our Co-Op credit societies

Traditional Cypriot Spread With Carobs

Our Story

The CO-OPERATIVE CAROB MARKETING FEDERATION LTD was incorporated as a Co-Operative company in 1953. The central offices of the Federation are in Limassol and our main area of activity is Cyprus as a whole. Since our establishment we are proud to say that we are the leading force in Cyprus behind collecting, processing and exporting the Black Gold our island has to offer.

The proud members of our Federation are now three Carob Marketing Unions – each representing the district of Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca. Every Union Member delivers to our Federation all the products obtained by the farmers it represents, for joint marketing. Our Unions are named after the district in which they operate and sadly after the Turkish invasion in 1974, the Unions of Famagusta and Kyrenia can no longer operate. Each of our Unions has their own Kibbling Plant for the carobs and other processing machinery and our Federation also owns a Roasted Carob Powder Factory and a Carob Gum Factory. The management of our operation takes place under five committee members, elected from the representatives of the Member-Unions.

Our Mission

Our objective is to help farmers and their families, especially carob producers. This happens through the collection and sale of carobs (under any form), carob seeds and any other products, like almonds, delivered to us by our village Co-Op Credit Societies. These sales take place both locally and abroad and we handle our clients and credit societies with exceptional care.

The fantastic people behind each co-op credit society, to whom we owe so much, are local farmers and producers operating on an individual scale. These farmers who mostly come from the beautiful villages of Cyprus, deliver their carobs and other products to their local credit societies. They then pass it on to us and we take care of the rest! Being one of the proudest members of the elite Mondial Carob Group, you know for a fact that you are dealing with quality and professionalism when it comes to our Federation.